How To Hire a Virtual Receptionist for $4.37/Hour

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You will even avoid paying for benefits – See how over ½ million small businesses are doing it now

Before dismissing this as too good to be true, you may be pleasantly surprised to discover that not only is this approach ethical, but it’s also entirely legal and has been practiced for many years. In fact, the challenging economic landscape of recent times has led more and more business owners to turn to this innovative solution. It effectively reduces company debt while simultaneously creating employment opportunities.

Understanding the Process:

Consider the role of a typical small business receptionist. On average, they handle about 20 calls a day, each lasting around two minutes. This adds up to roughly 40 minutes of call time in an eight-hour workday. The cost for this employee varies by location, but it generally hovers around $10/hour plus benefits. This expense seems indispensable because these calls, which are sporadic throughout the day, could potentially lead to significant sales. If you imagine 100 calls going unanswered each week, the value of this role becomes apparent.

However, many businesses have found a more efficient solution to cut costs and grow their business – they switch to an answering service. Modern answering services are a far cry from their predecessors, answering calls in your business’s name as though they were situated right in your office. Depending on your requirements, these call centers can do more than just answer calls; they can schedule appointments, process sales orders, and even dispatch employees for on-call jobs. The key advantage here is cost efficiency. Unlike an in-house employee who is paid for every minute they work, plus benefits, an answering service charges only for the time spent handling your calls. This means when your phone isn’t ringing, you’re not incurring charges. For a clearer understanding, take a look at the comparison below, which illustrates the potential savings.

In-House Employee
Answering Service
(typical $0.89/Minute)
Hours Worked/Week4040
Calls Taken/Week100100
Total Minutes
(@2 min/call)
Weekly Cost

Payroll Taxes (est)$50$0
Work HolidaysNoYes
Work 24/7NoYes
Yearly Cost$25,480$9,256

Is a virtual receptionist the Right Choice for You?

This is an important question to consider. Most live answering service providers are confident that their services can save you money. They usually offer free trials, ranging from as short as 7 days to as long as 30 days, to prove their effectiveness. Typically, 95% of these call centers do not require long-term contracts, allowing for flexibility. However, as with any service, there are pros and cons to weigh before making a decision.


-You won’t have someone to greet your visitors at the office.
-You won’t have employees to run errands or file paper work.
-Outsourced agents don’t know your company as well as in-house employees.


-Huge Cost Saving Potential
-Works 24/7 (holidays & Weekends)
-Can transfer calls where you are
-You’re in control and can turn the service on/off on demand
-You pay no payroll taxes, health insurance, holiday/sick pay

Here’s How To Try It: works with affiliates and call centers offering a wide range of services and features. Each vendor has been prescreened and will either offer you a free, no obligation trial, or will send you their price points for request services. Either way, accessing this feature through is totally free, safe, and secure process. You will not be asked for any financial information. Simply answer a few questions about your requirements and sit back and wait for vendors to come directly to you.

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Hire A Receptionist For $4.37 Per Hour September 16, 2015