HVAC Answering Service – Buyers Guide

Telephone Answering Service – Why HVAC Contractors Need It and Where to Find The Best One


When winter time hits there are many parts of the states that endure massive power outages and thus thousands of residents can go with out heat for long periods of time. In some areas, the lack of heat can result is busted water pipes and moreover poses a severe threat to the elderly and young children.

The moment heating systems goes out consumers begin calling HVAC contractors and in most cases the call levels are far too overwhelming for even the largest heating companies to handle. The result of this is people in high emotion situations are greeted by a busy sound or a voice mail. This is financially devastating to contractors because they are losing massive customers to the competition during what should be some of the biggest profit times.

We can help you find the best answering service for your HVAC company.

Why use HVAC Answering Services? Studies show that at least fifty percent of all residents that are in high emotion situations that call a business for the first time will not be willing to leave a message with a digital voice mail. Instead they call another business that can handle their very important needs now. Many people seem to be fooled into believing that when people in distress call a business that they will gladly leave a message and wait for someone to return their call later. Nothing could be further from the truth and with good reason. Who in their right mind would sit in freezing temperatures while waiting for a return call when they could just call someone else that is ready and available to serve their needs? The answer is obvious, and that’s no one.

In reality most every contractor would be slammed in times like these and would not be able to immediately serve someone needs, but the problem is that a voice mail say “we may or may not even get the message, and we may or may not even get to your home”. The best way to avoid that is by hiring an HVAC Telephone Answering Service. An answering service will answer calls using a live operator twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, and they answer just as though they were your company. The receptionist would dispel any concerns of the troubled customer by letting them know that their concern has been documented and that the message would immediately be delivered.

Some virtual secretary services can even go as far as to schedule the appointments for the technician without overbooking of overlapping. Each employee would be emailed the time, address and purpose of their next appointment. For the larger businesses a popular service is sharing their after hours on call roster with the service which allows them to only have messages or calls transferred to the person that is on call during preset evening and weekend hours.

The same analogy applies to extreme heat conditions and as summer time approaches and air conditioning units give in. So while it is possible to operate a business using the age old answering machine it is most likely a huge financial burden as well. It may be wise to look into outsourcing calls to a local HVAC phone message service. Most people are surprised to learn that a service like this only cost about one dollar per call fielded thus often making it a very safe and profitable investment.