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When Call Centers Compete, You Benefit with Better Rates. Help Desk Support offers crucial assistance to customers, addressing issues with laptops, computers, and various products. Typically, businesses and consumers access this support through toll-free numbers and websites.

Our latest review of Help Desk Support providers includes comprehensive buyer advice and price comparisons, helping you select the optimal solution. These services offer a unified point of contact for technical support, primarily concerning computer-related issues. Leading providers utilize advanced software for efficient client management. Help Desk Services often feature multiple support tiers and employ highly skilled agents specialized in specific areas, ensuring smooth and effective handling of common queries.

5 Best Help Desk Call Center Providers

Here are reviews of five top help desk support companies:


Helpware is a globally recognized, technology-driven company with a presence across multiple continents. It excels in handling complex technical issues and delivering outstanding customer support across various industries. Renowned for its flexibility and adaptability, Helpware tailors its services to each project, ensuring a perfect fit for client needs. The company’s global reach enables them to form bespoke teams and offer cost-effective, high-quality tech support solutions, making them accessible to businesses of all sizes​​.

Plaxonic Technologies:

Plaxonic Technologies stands out for its innovative approach to IT and BPO solutions, incorporating advanced technologies like AI and Blockchain. Since 2013, they have been redefining corporate tech support with their expertise and ambitious strategies. Plaxonic works with diverse industries, offering custom software development, mobile application design, and digital business process solutions. Their adaptable technology stack ensures optimal performance and scalability for each project, making them a great choice for businesses seeking cutting-edge tech support services​​.


Specializing in remote staffing and consulting, CrewBloom connects businesses with top-tier outsourced professionals. They offer virtual staffing solutions in roles like software development, web design, and customer service. CrewBloom is ideal for industries like e-commerce, healthcare, and real estate, offering flexible, scalable staffing solutions. Their rigorous screening process ensures that only the most skilled professionals are selected to provide premium technical services​​.

Fusion BPO Services:

With over 33 years of experience, Fusion BPO Services offers a range of solutions including help desk support, application assistance, and desktop support. Operating globally, they cater to sectors like healthcare, finance, and telecommunications. Their diverse and trained team of agents makes them an ideal partner for expanding tech support needs, offering round-the-clock services in multiple languages and channels​​.

BetterWay Devs:

With 12+ years of experience, BetterWay Devs connects North American businesses with skilled South American developers. They specialize in nearshore outsourcing, offering cost-effective staffing solutions. Their services include technical outsourcing, business expansion support, and providing access to skilled developers at lower costs than North American full-time employees. They are a great option for businesses looking to expand operations and access a comprehensive suite of technical solutions

We help you find and compare the best-rated Help Desk Service companies which can all be made up of several teams ranging from Desktop support, a Network team, a Server team, and many others.

Get multiple free quotes from the top providers while also forcing them to compete for business with the best market price quote. We can connect you with the top outsourced Help Desk Technical Support and Help Desk IT Support Services.

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Understanding Helpdesk Support

Helpdesk support refers to a service provided by companies to offer assistance and support to their customers or employees with technical or IT-related issues. It’s typically delivered through various channels like phone, email, live chat, or ticketing systems.

Examples of how helpdesk support is used include:

  1. Technical Troubleshooting: Resolving technical issues, such as software malfunctions or hardware problems. For instance, if a user cannot access their email, the helpdesk team would diagnose and solve the issue.
  2. Software Assistance: Providing support for software applications, like guiding users through new features or troubleshooting software errors.
  3. Hardware Support: Assisting with hardware-related queries, such as setting up new devices, configuring printers, or resolving connectivity issues.
  4. Password Resets and Account Management: Helping users with password recovery and managing user accounts.
  5. Providing Information and Guidance: Offering answers to FAQs, guiding users through processes, or providing information about updates and changes to IT systems.
  6. Network Troubleshooting: Addressing network connectivity issues, including troubleshooting Wi-Fi problems or VPN access issues.

In essence, helpdesk support aims to ensure users can efficiently and effectively use their technological tools and resources.

Help Desk Support April 5, 2014