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Live Answering Service For Attorneys

Law offices use our up to date review to get connected with a top Answering Service for Attorneys. Most lawyers have someone answering their calls 9-5 but might be surprised at how much business you lose from the legal issues and calls that arrive after hours. The way it works for attorneys that practice law such as personal injury, DUI, and criminal law is their new clients are generally in high emotional states and want to speak with a lawyer on the spot, and an answering machine won’t do. So what happens? You guessed it, the client hangs up and calls the next listing, but had they received an attorney answering service or Virtual Secretary Service they would not have. Compare multiple attorney answering services and save big.

Our latest review of answering service providers will help you find the best solution complete with buyers’ advice and price comparisons.

Top Rated Attorney Answering Service Providers

 Attorney Answering Service ProviderTop Rated - ScoreAppointment Scheduling24 Hour LocationsInbound AgentsCompare Pricing
Ruby-Receptionist ReviewRuby Receptionists 5-Star Rating  YesNo140+Compare Answering Service Prices In Our Buyers Guide
Voice-Nation ReviewVoiceNation5-Star Rating  YesYes4100+Compare Answering Service Prices In Our Buyers Guide
MAPMAP5-Star Rating  YesYes5+500+Compare Answering Service Prices In Our Buyers Guide
Answer-Connect ReviewAnswerConnect5-Star Rating  YesYes4300+Compare Answering Service Prices In Our Buyers Guide
Live Answer ReviewLiveAnswer5-Star Rating  YesYesUnknown100+Compare Answering Service Prices In Our Buyers Guide
imgresAnswerNet5-Star Rating  YesYes5+300+Compare Answering Service Prices In Our Buyers Guide
Apple TreeAppletree Answers5-Star Rating  YesYes1100+Compare Answering Service Prices In Our Buyers Guide
Answering Service UnitedAnswering Service United4.0-Star Rating  YesYesUnknown40+Compare Answering Service Prices In Our Buyers Guide
Answering InnovationsAnswering Innovations4.0-Star Rating  YesYes140+Compare Answering Service Prices In Our Buyers Guide
Answer Center ReviewAnswer Center4.0-Star Rating  YesYes140+Compare Answering Service Prices In Our Buyers Guide
TelAssistantTelAssist3.5-Star Rating YesYes140+Compare Answering Service Prices In Our Buyers Guide
800-We-Answer Reviews800 We Answer3.5-Star Rating YesYes5+100+Compare Answering Service Prices In Our Buyers Guide
Specialty Answering ServiceSpecialty Answering Service3.5-Star Rating YesYes4300+Compare Answering Service Prices In Our Buyers Guide

PRI has multiple call center service and customer support affiliates and we specialize in Lawyer Answering Services. We can help you get the best rate from the top vendors and save your company time and energy.

Legal – Attorney virtual receptionists are available to answer calls 24/7 and handle nearly any need imaginable from a prospective or existing client. They can manage your schedule via an online calendar, collect intake information, patch calls, and take detailed messages and instantly send them to you by email or text message. Attorneys spend a great deal of time in court, with clients or buried in paperwork, and playing secretary is not exactly what they want to spend their time doing.

An attorney answering service or lawyer answering service acts just as though they were your in-house receptionist with the exception that instead of paying her by the hour (with benefits) you only pay for time used. Yep – it’s far less costly and often more efficient because she never sleeps or takes breaks.

We’ll help you get top Lawyer Answering Services to compete for your business. We have researched hundreds of firms and we can help you avoid the pitfalls of hiring the wrong company while still getting a rate that is well within your budget.

Attorney Answering Service Quotes

Virtual Lawyer Receptionist

Industries Serviced: Accident & Injury Law, DUI & DWI Attorneys, Real Estate Law, Divorce & Family Law, Bankruptcy, Auto Accident Law, Medical Malpractice, Estate Planning, Traffic Law, Child Support, Criminal Defense, Consumer Rights, Intellectual Property and more.

Services Include:

  • Answer for Multiple Lawyers with various message delivery options.
  • Assistance requests and collect calls from incarcerated individuals
  • Screening with options to connect to our receptionist.
  • Stand-alone voice-mail messages delivered in .wav format via e-mail.
  • Bilingual law receptionists
  • New client appointment scheduling via online calendars
  • Weed out Solicitation calls

Some attorneys desire to have messages taken for all existing clients while still having new clients (new money) patched directly through to them. There’s no limits to what a legal answering service can do.

A legal receptionist will also create a professional image for your practice that tells your customer that you are a serious law firm and they can count on you. Let us help you connect with a top attorney answering service today.


Attorney Answering Services Available in all markets including: Houston-TX,  New York-NY, Charlotte-NC, Miami-FL, Sacramento-CA, Memphis-TN, Columbus-OH, Los Angeles-CA, Chicago-IL, Philadelphia-PA,  Phoenix-AZ, San Antonio-TX, San Diego-CA,  Dallas-TX , San Jose-CA, Jacksonville-FL, Indianapolis-IN, San Francisco-CA, Austin-TX, Fort Worth-TX, Detroit-MI, Baltimore-MD, Boston-MA, Seattle-WA, Washington-DC, Nashville-TN, Denver-CO, Louisville-KY, Jefferson-KY, Milwaukee-WI, Portland-OR, Las Vegas-NV, Oklahoma City-OK, Tucson-AZ, Fresno-CA, Long Beach-CA, Kansas City-MO, Virginia Beach-VA, Atlanta-GA, Colorado Springs-CO, Omaha-NE, Raleigh-NC, Cleveland-OH, Tulsa-OK, Oakland-CA, Minneapolis-MS, Wichita-KS, Arlington-TX

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