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Top 10 Answering Service CompaniesProfiles and reviews of the best answering service companies in 2024. Compare options and features, get pricing information, and more.

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Requirements to Make our Top Rated List

In order to make the list of our top-rated answering service providers the company is required to meet at least 85% of the following:

  • Answer calls in 3-4 rings
  • Have 99% uptime
  • Be open 24/7/365
  • Have English/Spanish Agents
  • Provide Toll Free Numbers
  • Have menu-driven software to guide callers

There are a lot of companies to choose from, though, so how do you know which ones are best? To help you in your decision, we’ve created this handy list.

Best Answering Service Companies 

1. MAP Communications

MAP CommunicationsMAP Communications Logo is one of the top answering services you can choose. They cater to all businesses, no matter the size.

This is a great option if you’re not looking for foreign-based phone agents. This team is based in the United States.

The goal of this answering service? To handle your calls for you so you don’t have to stop what you’re doing.

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2. VoiceNation

voice nation logoIf you need bilingual call answering, give VoiceNation a try. They offer consultations, so you can find out if what they offer is right for you.

You get 24-hour coverage, how to represent you, and how to make your callers happy. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, you can try them out for free.

Make sure you check out their five-star reviews!

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3. MoneyPenny

MoneyPennyMoneyPenny logo is definitely at the top when it comes to phone answering services. With them, you get a virtual receptionist that’s dedicated to you. This setup means your receptionist actually knows you and the rest of your employees.

When a call comes to your office and you aren’t available, it’ll automatically be sent to your receptionist. The receptionist will relay the information so you can access it when you’re ready.

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4. Abby Connect

Abby Connect LogoPerhaps a better option, Abby Connect is completely focused on tailoring their services to you. Customize your experience completely by choosing coverage levels, how calls are handled, and which languages to support.

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5. Sound Telecom

Sound Telecom LogoIf you’re looking for a friendly phone answering service try Sound Telecom. They’re available to help your callers every day or night, no matter what time it is.

No long-term contracts are offered, so if you aren’t happy with their services you can easily try another one. With how affordable and flexible Sound Telecom is, though, you may just decide to stay put.

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6. Signius Communications

Signius Communications LogoHere’s another service with great reviews. Signius makes it easy to get exactly what you need. Skip the machine voice altogether and let your callers talk to a real person.

Signius offers several services to meet your specific needs. Check them out to see if they fit your mold.

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7. Ruby Receptionist

Ruby Receptionist logo When it comes to having a phone answering service that’s everything you want, Ruby Receptionists is at the top. You have complete control over call answering with this service.

They provide you with an app, from which you tell them exactly what you want. This includes when you want them to answer or take messages for you, telling them where to send calls, or syncing their services with your contacts.

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8. AnswerConnect

AnswerConnect logoEveryone who’ll answer your calls at AnswerConnect works from a home office. They enjoy their work, so your customers will enjoy working with them.

The idea is to make your callers feel like their in your actual office, no matter the time of day or night. So you can rest easy, knowing your callers are being treated the best way possible.

Answer Connect isn’t afraid to hide anything. Their customer service is so great they provide you with call scripts.

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9. LiveAnswer

LiveAnswer logoLiveAnswer’s main purpose is to help you build your reputation. They want your callers to receive the best treatment possible.

Choose the services you need and gain and keep customers while you’re at it. LiveAnswer offers 24/7 support and multilingual agents.

Access everything you need in real-time, no matter the time. This includes messages that are currently underway.

You’ll always have the chance to review calls that are taken for you, so you’ll get a quick idea of if this service is what you want or not.

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10. AnswerNet

AnswerNet logoLooking for award-winning service? Then AnswerNet may be the right option for you.

They don’t only help when you’re off the clock. They also help with emergencies, overflows, and busy days.

Don’t worry about customers and clients giving up on you because they’re sent to voicemail or they don’t want to talk to a robot. AnswerNet provides real live people whenever your callers need them.

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11. TelAssist

TelAssist logoEveryone who provides services at TelAssist is well-qualified for the job. You won’t find yourself stuck with people who don’t know what they’re doing.

In fact, they train their employees so well they call themselves experts.

The answering service at TelAssist is exactly what you need it to be. Let them know if you only want after-hours help, or you only need them occasionally. Whatever you need, they’ll be there for you.

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12. Specialty Answering Service

Specialty Answering Service LogoThe virtual receptionists at Specialty Answering Service are ready to “wow” your callers whenever they call in. They’ll always try to “wow” you too with their awesome service.

SAS offers almost 30 years of experience, which means you can definitely trust these guys. They offer a few different services, including automated answering services, just in case you want them.

If you want live, helpful, happy people to answer your calls instead of a computer, they offer that type of service too. And if you need them, bilingual receptionists are available.

Worried about spending too much? SAS provides you with toll-free numbers!

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13. Ansafone

Ansafone LogoAnsafone offers three different phone services: contact center services, inbound call center services, and outbound call center services. Choose the one that meets your need the best.

Whichever service you choose, you know your callers will receive the best help possible. Why? Because Ansafone is focused on serving your customers.

And while they’re serving your customers, they’re also helping you. They’ve got a lot of experience doing it-47 years, in fact-so definitely check them out.

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14. Stenocall

Stenocall logoIs security a concern for you? Then Stenocall is the top phone answering service for you. They offer high security, bilingual answering services. Plus, their certified PCI compliant.

This is a great option if you tend to have lots of calls coming in. They’re able to handle all your needs, even if that means 100 calls per hour.

In business since 1954, Stenocall knows its stuff. They take messages, they send them to you quickly, they follow HIPAA standards, they encrypt their text messages, and they do a whole lot more on top of that.

Stenocall is designed to meet your every need, so take advantage and try them out.

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15. BPO American

BPO American LogoBPO American is one of the best answering service companies out there. They’re U.S.-based and ready to help your callers no matter the time of day or night.

Looking to get started right away? BPO is set up for that. You can activate your service instantly from their website.

Customization is key. Changes can be made in real-time, and you can create custom questions for your callers.

Billing is easy to understand, too. Simply pay per month or per minute. However you decide to pay, it’s a good deal.

If you’re looking for flexibility, there are your guys. They utilize phone calls, texts, and emails to get the job done.

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16. Virtusa

Virtusa LogoIf you like to stay on the cutting edge of technology, Virtusa is the option for you. They provide customer service through the use of advanced robotics.

The idea behind what they do? Reduce the costs of the services you need so you can spend your money on other things.

Thanks to robotics you can get problems solved more quickly. And don’t worry, robots are becoming more human-like every day.

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17. AMBS Call Center

AMBS Call Center LogoAMBS Call Center understands that their business depends on your business, so they give you the best service available. Their goal is to make sure you don’t miss out on any opportunities to help your clients or customers.

They also want to help you build your business. That means they’re there to help so you don’t miss any important calls.

Besides being there when your callers need them, AMBS will also take messages for you, schedule appointments, and reroute callers to the right members of your team.

If you don’t like being second to your customers, choose someone else, because AMBS is focused on making your customers their highest priority.

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18. XACT

XACTXact Logo is just what the name implied-exactly what you need. They’re there to make sure your customers are never greeted with a voicemail or answering machine.

People like to talk to people. While automated software can be helpful and in some cases do a pretty good job, it just isn’t the same as talking to a person.

Avoid making customers grumpy by providing them with a high-quality experience with an actual person.

What do you get from XACT? They’ll give you your own, toll-free number that can be used nationwide.

If you’re available, the call will come to you. If you’re not, someone else will be there to answer.

Your callers will get a message as if it had been answered in your office. They’ll know they reached your business, not a random call agency.

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19. ReceptionHQ

ReceptionHQ LogoIf you want to try a service out before paying it, ReceptionHQ is a great place to do it. They’ll let you listen to a real call before you ever pay them a dime.

Or, you can sign up for a 7-day trial period. Or both, it’s up to you.

They want to make sure you know how committed they are to great customer service and helping you achieve their goals. So why wouldn’t they let you listen in?

Signing up for ReceptionHQ is simple and fast, so you can try it out in a jiffy. You’ll love the professional, friendly way in which your calls are answered.

If you don’t want to get stuck in a contract, this is the place to go. You can simply use their services and then stop using them if you want to.

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20. AnswerForce

AnswerForce LogoHave you ever missed a call that would have resulted in a killer business deal? AnswerForce wants to make sure that never happens again. They’ll be there to answer every call whenever that important caller chimes in.

If your callers don’t want to talk to someone in person, that’s okay too. You can offer them web chat, web forms, and other options beyond a standard phone call.

The people who’ll answer your calls are trained professionals. They know how to do the job right. You’ll get the service you need, and for a fraction of the cost you’d have to pay if you hired an actual receptionist.

Like the other services in this list, AnswerForce is available any time of day or night, even on holidays and weekends.

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21. Answering Service Care

Answering Service Care LogoAnswering Service Care has been in the business for 45 years. They offer a variety of services and are available 24/7 every day of the year. The company is also accredited with the Better Business Bureau.

You can get the appointment scheduling feature either as a package with other services or by itself. The service can send out confirmation messages as well as schedule changes through text and email. And by using the application Acuity, people on your team can easily access the schedule and make adjustments.

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22. Answer America

Answer America LogoUnlike many other answering service companies, Answer America offers a pay as you go service. Here’s how it works: You sign up which only takes a few minutes and can be done online.

Next, you divert either your landline or mobile to a toll-free number issued by Answer America. Answer America will then take your calls under your company name and answer based on your instructions. Read Full Review

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23. Answering Innovations

Answering Innovations logoAt Answering Innovations, their employees will take the caller’s name, phone number and a message. They will then send you a message either via email, text, or phone call containing all of the information they received. The answerer can collect more information too at your request.

Like most other answering service companies, Answering Innovations operates 24/7. That’s including holidays and after-hours.

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24. The Connection

The Connection LogoThe Connection prides itself on being able to adapt to any company’s answering requirements. They’ve been in the business for over 35 years and have worked with multiple Fortune 500 companies.

Their call centers are open 24/7 but they also offer call center consulting. So if you run a small call center within your business, you can hire The Connection to come and work with your agents to make sure they’re employing best practices. On that note, they also offer call center training so that you can make sure you’re hiring skilled workers.

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25. Physicians Answering Service

Physicians Answering Service LogoPhysicians Answering Service offers a 14 day free trial so you can discover for yourself why doctors love them so much. Since 1990 they have offered affordable answering services in the U.S. and Canada.

Their areas of specialty are emergency dispatch services, call overflow, appointment scheduling, and HIPAA-compliant secure messaging.

Most medical clinics deal with a high volume of inbound calls from clients, patients, and other doctors. The difference between addressing each phone call could be a handful of patients every week. Make sure you’re there when the need arises by putting us on the line.

Prices start at just $55 a month, which includes 50 receptionist minutes. Overages are billed at $0.99 a minute. Setup is typically completed in 2-3 days.

They deliver live operator service during normal business hours for call overflow or after-hours, 24/7 call monitoring. Customize your call solutions to include automated call screening, dispatch service or secure messaging.

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26. AnswerLive

AnswerLive LogoAnswerLive has more than 30 years of experience catering to small businesses with comprehensive answering and messaging services. They provide affordable plans starting at just $50 monthly and up through mid-market enterprise levels.

The staff is capable of scaling at a moment’s notice and has low turnover. AnswerLive provides its companies with onboarding in less than one week and can do 48 hours or less if needed. They won’t ask you to sign a contract, so you can cancel anytime. Their services also include customer service/helpdesk, virtual receptionist, on-call scheduling and appointment taking, live transfer and call patching, sales and order processing, and data entry (they are skilled in multiple CRMs).

Their specialties include property management, law firms, utilities & waste, and cleaning/restoration. AnswerLive has four locations around the country – Greater Charlotte (HQ), Grants Pass, Oregon, Lubbock, Texas, and Eau Claire, Wisconsin. They maximize the growth of potential employee by taking care of the small but important tasks of answering the phone. 2,500+ customers later, AnswerLive is still providing the same great service it always has for sometimes half the cost of higher-priced competitors.

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27. Gold Cross Answering Service

Gold Cross Answering Service LogoGold Cross Answering Service offers after-hours answering services, messaging live chat, and more for service industry specializations. This includes water treatment, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, restoration & utilities. They offer round-the-clock support, dedicated account managers, and bi-lingual services from toll-free or local numbers.

One of Gold Cross’s specialties is the water treatment industry, where it has gained a reputation for securing after-hours leads and providing support for major residential treatment companies. Their staff is trained in unit bypassing for water softeners and other semi-technical instructional fixes for consumers.

Gold Cross specializes in local businesses by tradespeople whose residents may need after-hours support. Whether its appointment taking and management to cancellations, they can secure inbound and make outbound calls from potential and current customers, as well as follow-up appointments. Often times, potential customers call with simple questions about air filters or air quality. Knowing what to say from a simple prompt from frequently asked questions — and when it’s important enough to transfer the call directly to the company.

They have nearly 20 years in the industry doing this. Gold Cross’s dedicated account support offers 24/7 customer access to take care of any issues you have at any time.

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Try These Call Answering Services Today

All of these answering services can provide you with stellar service you’ll want to use again and again. That’s why they’re the top in the industry. Simply choose the one you want and you’ll be on your way to success.

Call answering services provide you with the coverage you need to never miss an important call. So no matter the industry you work in, their services are well worth the time it takes to set up the service.

Looking for a simple visual comparison of these services? Click here to compare competitor pricing.

After hours or 24-hours a day, a top-rated business answering service provider can answer calls, take orders, provide business and product information, and otherwise handle all inbound calls to your business with the same high level of customer service and satisfaction that your own staff would provide. And because virtual receptionists can focus completely on your phone calls, your customers never have to wait and your workflow is never interrupted.

Compare Each Answering Service to Boost Your Business

Top 10 Answering Service CompaniesWhen your inbound calls are routed to a remote call center, professional virtual receptionists see exactly who the caller is trying to reach. Each phone call is answered with a personalized greeting—your customers will never know they’re talking with an off-site call answering service. Your business and your brand will be protected, and your efficiency will soar with features like these:

  1. Personalization Beyond Greetings:
    • We assist in comparing and finding affordable answering services customized to your specific needs.
  2. Diverse Service Range:
    • Order taking and processing assistance.
    • Handling sales transactions via customized forms to maintain revenue flow and customer satisfaction.
  3. Specialized Answering Services:
    • Business and medical answering services with personalized care and instructions.
    • Our review helps manage scheduling and ensures uninterrupted personal time.
    • Assurance of consistent care and courtesy for callers, mirroring our own client service standards.
  4. Inbound Call Management:
    • Professional call handling for a tranquil personal environment.
    • Ensures important appointments and urgent calls are not missed.
  5. Comprehensive Service Offerings by Top Companies:
    • Solutions for small businesses, after-hours, Internet answering, on-call services, and more.
    • Features like customized forms, order taking, on-call rosters, live operators, and voicemail services.
    • Most companies provide free, no-obligation trials of their services.

A top Phone Answering Service Company provides solutions for small businesses, after-hours answering, Internet answering, on call services, customized forms, order taking, on call rosters, live operators, voice mail services, and more. As a general rule most will also offer free no obligation trials of their service.

Let us help you find an answering service with the fastest answer rates in the industry at a rate that meets your budget guidelines. When vendors compete you get the price quotes and top service. Check our recently updated answering service reviews and get the top-rated firms working for you.

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