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Profiles and reviews of the best medical answering service companies in 2024. Compare options and features, get pricing information, and more.

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Requirements to Make our Top Rated List

In order to make the list of our top-rated medical answering service providers the company is required to meet at least 90% of the following:

  • Answer calls in 3-4 rings
  • Have 99.9% uptime
  • Be HIPAA Complaint
  • Be open 24/7/365
  • Have Bilingual Agents
  • Have menu-driven software to guide callers
  • Agents Trained to Access Online Calendars

Best Bilingual Answering Service Companies


VoiceNation is renowned for its bilingual virtual receptionists who are available 24/7 to handle calls and provide live chat support. It offers a range of services including order processing, message delivery, detailed reports, and a dedicated account manager across all plans. VoiceNation is particularly noted for its service quality in the legal industry, and its HIPAA compliance adds to its credibility. The inclusion of a mobile app and bilingual operators highlights its commitment to accessibility and diverse customer needs. It stands out as a versatile option suitable for various industries, offering comprehensive communication solutions.


AnswerConnect is a commendable choice for businesses seeking seamless integration with their existing systems. It offers scalable custom pricing plans, making it adaptable for periods of varying call volumes. The 24/7 support is capable of handling a range of tasks from chatting to appointment scheduling, ensuring constant connectivity with clients. Its HIPAA compliance and Spanish answering services further enhance its appeal to a broad client base, particularly in healthcare and businesses requiring secure data handling.

Specialty Answering Service (SAS)

Specialty Answering Service (SAS) provides comprehensive 24/7 answering services, including message taking, appointment scheduling, and order processing. An intuitive online portal and app enhance the user experience by allowing easy access to messages and call reports, offering valuable insights into customer engagement. SAS’s commitment to serving Spanish-speaking customers is evident in its Spanish answering services, complemented by PCI-compliant order processing and outbound call capabilities. This blend of technology and customer service excellence makes SAS a strong contender in the answering service industry.


PCMSI distinguishes itself with its cost-effective answering service plans, featuring an impressive additional minute charge of just $0.75. This affordability, combined with a wide range of services, positions PCMSI as a highly competitive option in the market. The company’s best rate guarantee, order taking, and lead capture capabilities cater to a diverse range of business needs, making it an attractive choice for companies looking for budget-friendly yet efficient answering services.

Davinci Virtual

Davinci Virtual adeptly merges live and automated answering services, offering a comprehensive solution suitable for various business needs. Its advanced call routing setup, “Find Me Follow Me,” ensures seamless connectivity, whether in the office or remotely. This functionality, along with bilingual receptionists and billing in per-second increments, makes Davinci Virtual a particularly suitable choice for small business owners seeking flexible and efficient communication solutions.


Moneypenny stands out with its personalized approach, assigning smaller teams of receptionists to ensure a dedicated service experience. This approach guarantees that clients are consistently greeted with a familiar and friendly voice, fostering a sense of familiarity and trust. With features like an online client portal, mobile app, and live chat, Moneypenny is an excellent option for micro-businesses seeking a more intimate and tailored answering service.


Ruby offers US-based bilingual receptionists trained to convert customer calls into leads, handling both inbound and outbound calls and providing call routing services. However, it’s important to note that Ruby’s services are relatively expensive, and their bilingual receptionists are only available during normal business hours. Despite these limitations, Ruby’s professionalism and expertise in handling calls make it a valuable asset for businesses aiming to enhance customer interactions and capture leads effectively.

These companies each bring unique strengths to the table, catering to a range of business needs with their specialized services and features. Selecting the right provider depends on specific requirements like budget, service hours, and the level of personalization desired in customer interactions.

The Benefits of having a Spanish English/Speaking Answering Service

A bilingual answering service offers several advantages. It ensures that all customers, regardless of their language, receive prompt and efficient support. This not only improves customer satisfaction but also lowers labor costs by eliminating the need for additional staffing or external services. Key benefits include:

  • Consistent, high-quality customer service in both English and Spanish.
  • Around-the-clock availability of bilingual representatives.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction through effective communication.
  • Cost savings from reduced staffing or outsourcing needs.
  • Swift responses to customer queries.
  • Better communication bridging customers and business owners.

This service guarantees that all customers, whether they speak English or Spanish, experience the same high level of service, fostering equal access to helpful and professional assistance.

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How Much Does a Spanish/English Answering Service Cost?

Like any other solution, a bilingual answering service that can speak both English and Spanish will cost you around $1.39 a minute, or roughly $.80 to $1.65 per call. On the surface that may sound high, however, the typical monthly bill only averages around $170, and 80% of customers claim a 200% to 500% return on investment simply from capturing leads they otherwise would have missed.

Optimizing Customer Interactions with a Spanish Speaking Answering Service

For businesses seeking to enhance customer interactions, a Spanish-speaking answering service is vital. It enables customers to communicate in their native language, fostering a sense of comfort and value, thus strengthening their relationship with the company. This service ensures prompt, accurate responses in the customer’s preferred language, reducing wait times and frustrations. It also establishes a business’s credibility among Spanish-speaking audiences, as fluency in Spanish signifies respect and understanding of their needs. Moreover, it ensures customers fully comprehend the products and services offered, aiding informed decisions and fostering loyalty. Overall, a Spanish-speaking answering service enhances customer engagement, loyalty, and sales, offering significant returns on investment.

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Bilingual Answering Services on Demand

With the rapidly growing number of businesses serving the Hispanic population and other diversely-populated markets multilingual call center services are coming in huge demand, but finding a full-service provider may not be so easily done without an expert on your side.

Who needs bilingual answering services? To name a few, a doctor, dentist, lawyer, realtor, apartment complex, college, or even an infomercial expecting high-level call responses. We have pre-screened numerous vendors that provide 24-hour emergency answering services.

A professional Spanish answering service company or multilingual call center can help you to attract potential customers who require bilingual services and otherwise may not be served.

If your business has a national or global presence, then you need a multilingual center to answer your inbound telephone calls using a highly trained remote receptionist that will respond to your calls in a professional manner, regardless of the language your customers speak. Whether you require call center services for technical support, help desk support, customer service, lead generation, or telemarketing, we have a solution to fit any size budget with endless needs. Answering services can be provided in English, Spanish, Korean, German, Italian, French, and many more languages.

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