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Why Consider Outsourcing Call Center Services at Your Business?

Learn why outsourcing call center services may be a benefit to your company, reasons to consider doing so, and how to find the best call center service partner.

Starting and operating a business is hard work. And, to grow, businesses need to have the basics covered. They need excellent customer service, have a solid reputation, repeat business, and word-of-mouth.

Customer engagement is as important as ever. Finances Online notes that call centers are still the key to managing customer calls. That’s even with the increased presence of social media and chat windows on websites. Should you consider outsourcing call center services for your organization? Let’s take a deeper dive to learn about how they may offer big benefits.


Outsourcing Call Center Services: The Basics

You’re a business built on steadfast customer service and integrity. Why would you ever consider outsourcing such an essential touchpoint like customer interaction?

For starters, you and your employees are busy providing your services. And, that’s where your attention should be. As you grow, your volume of calls will, too. If you’re a small business, your team already wears its share of hats. A large call volume can exhaust and distract your in-house staff.

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When you outsource your live business phone answering services, you free up your employees’ time to keep doing what they do best.

Most call centers focus on one of two things (or both) when it comes to calls. There are inbound (coming in) and outbound (outgoing) customer calls). An example of an inbound call would be any call coming into your customer service line. Outbound calls are outgoing calls from your business to your potential clients. This means more opportunities for you to expand your organization.

Call Center Services: Picking Up More Than the Phone

In 2021, call centers do more than pick up the phone. In fact, call centers are versatile.

According to Business News Daily, call center services are broad. They help businesses to take orders, offer customer support, and correspond with clients. Call centers document each interaction, so you can rest easy knowing your customers have found the support they need.

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Call centers can also help you extend your reach. Most call centers offer 24/7 support. which means you can be confident that if your customers encounter a challenge, they will find support – no matter the time. This means happier customers, more often.

That 24/7 support also opens up new doors globally, allowing you to discover a new, international audience.

Results are important, and so are the metrics you collect along the way to make sure you’re on track. Call centers often provide their clients with periodic reports, which you can use to grow. This data will inform you of your customers’ experiences, pain points, and can help you address any shortcomings.

Oh, and call centers pick up the cost, too. Businesses that partner with a call center service save up to 50 percent through outsourcing. This helps organizations save on costs like staffing and offers user support software, equipment, and infrastructure for small businesses – which can be a huge asset.

What Are Answering Services Then?

You may be thinking, “Okay, so my phones are busy. Why can’t I hire an answering service?” You can, but you should be aware that answering services differ from call centers.

For example, answering services are usually a much smaller team that handles more complex, niche tasks that need more familiarity with your business and its offerings.

How Can An Answering Service Promote Sales After A Sales Call?

While answering services are an excellent tool, complications can arise if they aren’t a good match for your business. Sometimes, the cost outweighs the services you expected.

With that said, it’s worth considering how robust your needs are. For example, if you are only looking for messages taken during your out-of-office hours, you probably don’t need to spring for live answering phone services.

Why Artificial Intelligence is the Real Deal for Call Centers

Did you know that 56 percent of call centers plan to invest in artificial intelligence (AI) in the future? That’s real tech at work in real-time!

Partnering with a call center will likely mean utilizing some form of AI. According to CXService 360, partnering with a call center opens up technological horizons for your business because it can mean access to advanced technologies and digital channels you might not have been able to otherwise.

New Media Services explains that BPO companies for call centers “give businesses the opportunity to use the latest technology without the latter having to shoulder the cost.”

Some of the latest technology centers around gathering information for business insights that your business can leverage to increase overall customer satisfaction.

Should You Consider Partnering with a Call Center?

If you find yourself nodding your head in agreement with some of the characteristics of a company that partners with call centers, it might be worth outsourcing call center services.

How Stuff Works asks several questions that will help you decide if it’s a good time to partner with a call center:

  1. Can you answer every phone call that comes in?
  2. Are messages piling up in your voicemail?
  3. Does answering calls keep you from doing your work?
  4. Does your office handle incoming calls efficiently and forward messages quickly?
  5. Does your company deal with a lot of clients on the phone every day

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