Five Ways An Answering Service Can Help Your Business

Five Ways An Answering Service Can Help Your Business

A receptionist available 24 hours of the day and seven days of the week?
Sounds almost too good to be true. It is indeed possible to have this for very little investment and yet significant returns.

An answering service, or as some like to see it, a virtual receptionist, can radically transform how your business or office engages with customers and clients.

Here are five ways in which an answering service can add value to your business:

You are available 24×7: Even if your business is closed for the day, a virtual receptionist is ready to take calls. An operator at an answering service can guide customers through a problem no matter what time of the day it is.  Furthermore, there is no automated menu where a caller has to wait for several minutes, but rather a real person who is able to help them on a specific query.

Never miss an opportunity: Far too often, an unanswered call means a missed opportunity. Whether it is someone interested in a purchase, business collaboration or a new client, when they can’t reach you chances are they may not bother to try again. With an answering service you can be assured that no call goes unattended.

Win the appreciation of your customers:  It can happen that a customer or client is unhappy with your product or service or has a query that needs immediate attention. An unhappy customer can be impatient and frustrated. Operators at an answering service are trained to handle a variety of calls with patience and politeness. Through proper customer engagement, it is likely that even an unhappy customer will come around and eventually be willing to give you a second chance.

Investing in an answering service is an investment in your customers:  Research has shown that customers are willing to pay more for good service. Customers who encounter poor service usually stay away from the business for at least a few years. By using an answering service you can demonstrate to your customers that they are your priority. Investing in an answering service is truly an investment in customer service and therefore an effort to retain and gain new customers which is integral to a successful business.

Customize the kind of services you want:  An answering service can be what you make of it. Most services come with several options and you can choose those that best suit your needs. For instance, you can choose an answering service for only after working hours or one that is only required for emergency situations or for certain times of the year. It is also possible to have calls routed directly to your main office or have the operator go through a prepared script to guide the caller to find a solution to their problem.

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