How Can An Answering Service Promote Sales After A Sales Call?

How Can An Answering Service Promote Sales After A Sales Call?Your answering service partner can really boost your sales team’s efforts to influence sales. When a member of your customer service team ends a conversation with a happy note, he/ she is able to create a happy customer who is most likely to come back and place an order at some point in time later. A positive conversation creates a lasting impression in the minds of your customers and they will remember you for a long time.

A professional answering service team can boost the level of customer engagement. Brand marketing can go a long way to influence sales and to build a loyal customer base and the best way to market your brand is by setting up an emotional connection with your target audience. According to a State of the American Customer report published by Gallup, a customer who is fully engaged has a greater significance in terms of relationship building, profitability, share of wallet, and revenue compared to the average customer.

When your answering service team ends a conversation with a positive note, your customers are more likely to spread positive words about your company to their friends. According to an American Express survey, over 90 percent of customers will discuss their experiences with their friends. The survey, conducted in 2014, revealed that a happy customer would be happy to share their positive experiences with about eight people they know. What’s more interesting is that 42 percent of the survey participants revealed that they would buy a product based on the recommendation of a close friend or a family member. This may boil down to the fact that you can expect 3-4 leads to contact you for one happy customer experience that you generate.

Your answering service team can boost your reputation to a great extent. You will definitely not want to be recognized as a company that provides poor service. Even if your customers do not have anything particular to talk about, the interaction that they have with your customer service team will definitely impact their opinions about your company. With time, these customers will become your brand ambassadors and will promote your company. Put an effort to make every interaction work, even if you get a call at a time when you are just shutting down the day’s operations.

While everyone says that it is the first impression that really matters, we would say that every impression counts. So it is always a good idea to engage a professional answering service team to handle your customer service operations and create a lasting benefit from each experience that you generate.

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