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3 Top Qualities of the Best Virtual Answering Service

How can you be sure your customers always receive the best answering service?

Statistics show that 75% of customers think it takes too long to reach a live agent. Waiting for more than two minutes causes frustration. And a third of Americans consider switching after one poor customer experience.

If you rely on your employees to answer the phone every time then you’ll be disappointed. That’s why many businesses are turning to a virtual answering service to solve the problem.

Yet what qualities should the best virtual assistant phone answering service offer?

This article examines the top 3 reasons to consider when choosing a virtual answering service. Read on to discover what to look for before signing up.

What Are Virtual Assistant Phone Answering Services?

How do small businesses and those with unique needs like the health industry cater to their customers in the modern world?

Customers demand constant access to a live operator. Be it to answer queries, handle complaints, or arrange meetings, one person can’t manage everything.

A virtual answering service offers a simple solution.

Benefits of Answering Service

Virtual answering providers answer all inbound calls. They can offer a receptionist-style experience and be the face of your company.

Not only can they take calls but the best providers also manage emails, webchats, and social media pages. But what separates the top virtual providers from the rest of the pack?

1. Available on Demand

Managing customer experience or CX relies on the availability of employees to pick up the phone or reply to an email.

If you’re the only person running your business you aren’t always free. The best virtual answering services are always available.

That’s especially true when you need them the most like on Black Friday or the run-up to Christmas. Multiple calls get routed to someone who knows your business and can answer in a polite and informative manner.

2. Scalable To Match Your Growth

As your company grows so too must your customer experience team.

That includes using a call center to manage all incoming calls. The good news is that a virtual service can handle the extra work with ease.

A virtual agent knows how to forward calls on iPhones to the right person. They can work with high volumes as demand increases. That’s what the system’s designed to do.

You no longer need to hire expensive staff. The virtual option tackles the demand as it comes.

3. High Service at a Low Cost

Virtual answering overcomes the limitations of traditional CX agents but that comes at a high cost, right?

Compared to hiring a receptionist working a 40-hour week, going virtual is relatively inexpensive. A flat rate live answering service starts at only $35 per month!

However, be wary of hidden fees and extra charges.

Some providers make you pay more when you don’t have to. The good news is that Profiles and Reviews is here to help.

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A virtual answering service provides the best CX because it’s available when you need it. Good providers offer a scalable operation at a cost that fits your budget.

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