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Top Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Contact Center for Customer Service

There are many different options for how to handle customer service, but you’ll find the top successful companies outsource their contact centers. Here’s why.

What do you think of when you hear the word “outsourcing”? Maybe “Outsourced,” the 2006 rom-com and 2010 sitcom, come to mind? Or you’re drawn to the fierce political debates that have raged over just how prevalent the practice should be in the wider context of globalization?

If these debates have confused you, wonder no more. If you want to boost your company’s bottom line, check out the top six reasons to outsource your contact center customer service.

1. Stellar Contact Center Customer Service

Outsourcing has been featured in cultural and political commentary. It’s also a real practice that companies across the globe use. One reason is the level of customer service that it provides.

An outsourced customer service representative serves as a professional contact service contact. They’re trained to handle high volumes of customers efficiently and gracefully. Customer service is the difference between a customer kept and a customer lost.

2. Growth Gets Easier

Any growing company needs excellent customer service. Growth means more emails, calls, tickets, and chats for your contact center to deal with. Outsourced contact centers can easily grow as the rest of your company does.

Even when they’re not on the phone, outsourced contact center employees still know how to make the most of their time.

3. Outsourcing Saves Money

That’s a big reason that companies outsource customer service. Not only does it reduce operating costs, but it also saves money in other areas. Having your own contact center means spending a lot on facilities, infrastructure, leadership, and staffing.

Outsourced contact centers, on the other hand, are a turnkey solution. They’re outfitted with the latest technology and cost-efficient support. Outsourced employees’ expertise and shared queues also save their employers money.

4. Avoid Labor Shortages

While customer service isn’t rocket science, it still requires skills. The United States lacks skilled workers and attrition costs are rising. In a post-coronavirus economy, companies have to worry about finding remote workers, too.

Fortunately, outsourced contact centers can find and scale highly skilled customer service professionals to your company’s needs. Better yet, these employees will reduce attrition.

5. 24/7 Magic

With outsourced contact centers, 24/7 customer service magic is in the air. Outsourced employees can be scheduled to work around the clock. That’s great news if you want to compete with the 24/7 customer service provided by Amazon and other online behemoths.

If your company’s customer service isn’t there at 3 am to answer a customer’s question, then you just lost them to Amazon.

6. Constant Evolution

Outsourced contact centers never stop evolving. In an ever-changing digital world, outsourced customer service reps (CSRs) keep up with whatever channels customers begin to contact companies on. From everything to Instagram DMs to TikTok, outsourced CSRs can manage all social media on which your company is mentioned.

“Outsourced: The Movie,” Starring Your Company

Hollywood should go into the pre-production phase of yet another movie titled “Outsourced.” Only this time, this surefire blockbuster should feature your very own company, with outsourced contact center customer service that has all six benefits listed above (and more).

Insourced customer service can’t compete with its outsourced counterpart. Get a free answering service quote today.

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