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7 Reasons to Consider a Flat Rate Professional Answering Service for Your Small Business

As a small business owner, you want it to be easy for customers to contact you. Find out why a flat rate professional answering service is essential for profits.

Around 85% of customers won’t try to contact you again if they are unable to get ahold of you with their first call. Beyond this, three out of four callers won’t leave a voicemail so that you can get back to them.


While there are many respectable reasons to miss a business call, the vast majority of consumers won’t even give you the opportunity to explain before moving on to your competitors. By missing just one or two phone calls per day, you can lose out on valuable sales that will never be redeemed.

So how can you reduce the amount of missed calls your small business experiences and secure those sales? You need the help of a professional answering service.

Ready to grow your business? Follow along to learn about seven essential reasons to hire a flat rate phone answering service for your small business today.

1. Never Miss a Call

As you know, missing calls is detrimental to your business. However, sometimes these situations are unavoidable. Perhaps you are helping another customer when the phone rings, or your second line rings while you are in the middle of a lengthy call.

Call Forwarding

Whatever the reason, managing high-volume call times is challenging for any receptionist. Fortunately, even if you have several calls coming in at the same time, a telephone answering service ensures not a single caller is sent to voicemail.

With several agents on stand by at any given moment, your customers will be able to talk to a real person right from the first dial.

2. Professional Representation of Your Company

Many small business owners work off of their personal numbers until the business is generating enough income to support the separate line. The problem with this is that business calls can be mistaken for personal calls and the level of professionalism suffers.

Even if you answer every phone call with your signature opener, getting caught off-guard or preoccupied with another task can lead to a poor first impression for your customers.

The agents at answering service companies are trained to deliver the most professional phone experience possible for each and every call. Not only will they personalize the call to your business’s unique needs but they will ensure every phone impression is of excellent quality.

3. Flat Rate Answering Service Saves On Wages

When your business starts to receive more calls, the most obvious solution is to hire a receptionist to field the extra phone traffic. However, with the minimum wage increasing rapidly, bringing on more staff can be a costly endeavor.

Cost of Service

If your business is in the growth stages but not quite making enough to cover another employee’s wages, you’ll love the affordability of a phone answering service.

Even if your profits are steadily increasing, these services can sufficiently cover the need for a receptionist. This allows you to invest your earnings into other areas of your business or even increase your own wages.

4. Affordable Solution for Growth

The problem with most flat-rate services is that no matter how little the service is used, you are still charged the same as high-traffic businesses. This can leave you paying through the nose for a service that takes just two or three calls per day.

Luckily this is not the case with the best flat rate answering services. Instead, you’ll be charged an affordable fixed rate in alignment with your business needs. As your business grows, you can adjust this premium to match.

So what happens if you receive more calls than predicted? There’s no need to worry about calls being ignored after your limit. When you experienced increased traffic, your account will simply kick into an ‘overtime’ category and you’ll only be charged for the extra calls as they come in.

5. Extended Business Hours

Whether you want to open your business to international sales or you turn off your business phone for family dinner, a 24/7 phone answering service is the perfect solution to limitless business hours.

How Can An Answering Service Promote Sales After A Sales Call?

This means that even if your customers are in a different time zone, they’ll be able to reach you with ease.

As a small business owner, you eat, sleep, and breathe your brand. With so much work falling on your shoulders, you’ve earned the chance to unplug and trust that your business will survive the break.

6. Improved Productivity

If you or your employees wear multiple hats, answering a phone call doesn’t always come at the most opportune times. Having to drop your current task to answer the phone can throw you out of sync and even set back production.

Instead of falling into this start-stop cycle, you can trust that your phone calls will always be handled with care. This frees you up to take on bigger tasks, focus without distraction, and get the most out of your working hours.

Your employees will thank you for removing the constant multi-tasking and be able to turn out better results in their work.

7. Easy and Convenient Access

With options to transcribe your messages and sales to text or email, you’ll always have quick and easy access to your business proceedings. You can even enable phone recording to ensure your customers are receiving the best service.

This handy feature will allow you to address commonly asked questions more efficiently and monitor any problems that arise.

No matter where you are, you’ll always be in the loop on your business calls and up to date on sales and progress.

Get Started With a Professional Answering Service

With so many benefits to a professional answering service, there’s no reason to delay. From eliminating missed opportunities to saving you money while you grow, these services are the perfect solution for your small business.

Ready to get started with your new telephone answering service and skyrocket your success? Get in touch with us today to discover the best answering service for your needs and handle your phone traffic with ease.