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5 Effective Sales Strategies to Help You Win Daily

Making sales is a competitive and challenging endeavor. Use these effective sales strategies to help you close and make more money.

Are you looking for ways to boost your daily sales activity? Interested in learning how you can reach higher conversions with your prospects? If so, then you need effective sales strategies to do so.

boost your daily sales activity

Knowledge is power in the sales industry. The more that you learn about consumer habits and helpful company equipment, the more you can help your small business achieve new heights.

Open your mind to new techniques that will refresh your sales tactics for the entire staff. See below for several different sales strategies that you can use to increase your revenue. Be sure to consider each of these for your business.

1. Sell the Sizzle Not the Steak

The great Elmer Wheeler once said to “sell the sizzle, not the steak” to all those looking for different ways to heighten their selling techniques.

This phrase is about how salespeople should sell the benefits of their products, not the product itself. The product they purchase doesn’t excite them; it’s the benefits that come with it that they purchase the item for.

Selling The Sizzle Not the Steak

People purchase different items because of the extra incentives that come with it. But what’s most important is that you back up that big talk.

So, for example, if you “sell the sizzle” on your company’s 24/7 customer support, then you need to invest in things like a phone answering service, LiveChat features on your website, etc.

If you don’t take proper steps to back up your sales and marketing strategy, then the marketplace will become aware of your phony promises.

2. Offer Room for Flexibility

Clients these days are only wanting to work with the companies that have the most personable of brands. Brands that show their dedication to making the client as happy as possible.

One of the best ways of doing this is to give you and your entire sales staff room to be flexible. This allows them to negotiate with their clientele and reach an agreement that’s fair for both sides.

be flexible as business

There are two main ways to do this: first, by lowering your prices, second, by throwing in more benefits.

These benefits can be anything you feel is important to the client. Sometimes, it doesn’t even have to match your service. For example, try throwing in your company’s season tickets to the local sports team if that client closes with you right then.

Remember, to remain flexible, you have to keep an open ear. Listen to the pain points your customer is having. Listen to what’s holding them back from buying your product/service and make rectifications to change it.

3. Build Buyer Personas

Do you feel as if you’re missing out on sales because you don’t know your clients well enough? It could be that you’ve never taken the time to truly outline the different customers that you have.

The best exercise for doing that is building buyer personas for your clients. These are custom avatars that you self-describe to cater to things such as your sales pitch, marketing strategy, and customer service towards them.

Buyer Personas

You can build your buyer personas by simply asking many different questions.

What are their biggest pain points? What age are they? What do they do for a living?

Do they have a family? What are their favorite hobbies?

All of these questions will help you redirect your entire sales pitch. For example, if one of your buyer personas has a pain point of not knowing much about your industry, then simply answering all their questions can help you seal the deal!

4. Take Advantage of Social Media

Perhaps your biggest dilemma is finding qualified leads in the first place. You do a great job of converting the ones you have, but need to generate more for your sales team to reach out to.

Social Media

Luckily, you have technology at your disposal! One of the best benefits of today’s world is how much social media outlets can help your business grow.

Using platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will allow you to easily build a following of your target audience and push product sales. From there, the main objective becomes turning those followers into purchasers.

If you’re looking for more B2B leads, use LinkedIn to your advantage. LinkedIn is full of business-minded CEOs and other decision-makers that would be interested in learning more about your project!

5. Build More Goals for Your Staff

Imagine if the pilgrims set out on their boat without a destination. Where would we be today if Steve Jobs hadn’t dedicated himself to perfecting Apple devices for today’s consumers?

Goals are important. They separate the “good” from the “great.”

Building More Business Goals

Too often, companies will set goals that are too generic, easy, or difficult for their sales staff to achieve. There’s an art to goal-setting; it’s all about finding the right balance between “lofty” and “achievable.”

Start by considering all the different ways that you can establish more team goals and personal goals for your sales staff. Create goals for things like call numbers, talk time, revenue, packages, etc. Your conversions will skyrocket before you know it!

Use These Sales Strategies to Your Advantage

Now that you’ve seen several effective sales strategies for your small business to try, it is time to implement them!

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