Making The Most Out Of Your Inbound Calls

Making The Most Out Of Your Inbound CallsEvery inbound call that you receive may carry a sales potential and if you have strategies in place to handle those calls smartly, you may be able to convert callers into your long-term customers. With more and more customers using their cell phones to contact companies or buy products online, you may want to make sure that you adopt measures that will create extraordinary customer service experience, allowing your prospects to reach you and communicate with you easily. According to the mobile advertising analytics company Marchex, conversion rates from cell phone calls are four times higher than the calls made from desktop PCs, with 5-25 percent of calls being converted to sale.

Prospects who use their cell phones to contact you expect you to provide useful information in a friendly and timely manner. So you should make sure that you are ready to demonstrate a high level of service. One good way to create a congenial interaction scenario is to guide your prospects by giving them useful information. This way, you will not only be able to create a positive experience, but you will also be able to obtain the information that you are looking for. Additionally, your callers should be redirected to the appropriate teams or persons and so your phone answering team or answering service should know when they are required to transfer calls to your sales team. During the after hours, when your sales team will not be present to receive your prospects’ calls, your answering service should use appropriate intake questions to collect information on the behalf of your sales team. Your callers will appreciate a pleasant conversation and are less likely to contact your competitor if you give them a timeframe for further communication. Let your callers know when they can expect to be contacted by the sales team.

Control your conversation in such a way that you are able to understand your prospects’ pain points. You can begin by mentioning some of the common pain points that your existing customers have and this will encourage your prospects to express their concerns too. This will create a backdrop for richer conversation which will allow you to know your callers and help them with appropriate solutions. Additionally, keep a follow-up rule in place. This will not only keep your prospects updated, but it will allow you to keep track of progress. Your phone answering team may send a follow-up email after every call, summarizing the conversation in text form and suggesting the next course of action. You may set a reminder to contact your prospects again at a later date. When you promise to call a prospect back at the end of the day in order to provide him with useful information, make sure you stick to your promise even if you are still not ready with your information. Your customers will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

By setting up meaningful connections, you can convert your callers into customers. During your conversation, if you come across any opportunity to prove the worth of your product or service, make sure to utilize it optimally. However, you can still create followers by having a friendly conversation and making a great impression.

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