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About Patient Calls:

Patient Calls is a medical answering service and was created to meet the needs of doctors and health care professionals. Without any doubt they are one of the best medical call centers in the nation. From the ground up, they built the company to better assist medical businesses all across the nation.

Patient Calls is top 20 ranked medical answering service that support first responder messaging, physician, referrals, on-call management, and doctor to doctor consultation calls.

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PatientCalls ranks as one of the most trusted Business Associate and industry leaders among their HIPAA Compliant Medical Answering service constituents. They offer Secure SMS text messaging, EMR integration, and security & disaster recovery.

Top Clients: Mercer-Bucks Orthopedics, OrthoMaryland, Advocare, Einstein Healthcare Network, Pulmonology Associates, Inc, Pediatric Associates, LLC

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Pros: BA & Sub-BA Agreements, HIPAA Compliance Training, and Quarterly Risk Assessment Analysis.

Cons: The company does not list their street address on their website and we were not able to find a physical location on line.

More About Patient Calls Medical Answering Service:

  • Multiple Layer Encrypted Connectivity
  • Cyber Intrusion Detection / Prevention
  • Secured & Encrypted Texts / SMS
  • Secure, HIPAA Compliant
  • Appointment Setting
  • Offers a 14 day trial


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Patient Calls Complaints & Reviews September 12, 2017