Factors That You Should Consider While Creating A Voicemail Message

Factors That You Should Consider While Creating A Voicemail Message

It is really worth investing your time and effort to create an appropriate voicemail message to make sure that you are able to maintain a positive relationship with your existing clients and create a positive impression on people who will hear you for the first time. People struggle to deal with their busy schedules every day and they are most likely to forego the idea of calling you again if your voicemail message sounds unprofessional. If you are looking to create a voicemail message, you should take certain things into consideration to make sure that people on the other side understand your message and feel that you are worth engaging with.

Assess your ambiance. Voicemail messages that are recorded in the midst of a noisy environment sound unprofessional and they are distractive too. The recipients may assume that you are thoughtless and that you have not exercised proper care to create a voicemail message in an appropriate manner. Make sure you are located in a calm environment while creating a voicemail message so that your message-recipients can hear you clearly. Create a brief outline and include the essential points only. It is certainly not a pleasure activity to listen to long voicemail messages. Keep a reference sheet handy so that you can maintain your focus while delivering your message.

Start your message by introducing yourself. State your name and contact number clearly. Be loud, but make sure your voice tone sounds cordial. After you introduce yourself, explain the purpose of your call. You may also indicate any actions that the receiver may take to appropriately respond to your message. Speak confidently, but make sure to use a humble tone. Avoid the use of filler words as people do not really like something that destroys the essence of the original message. Before closing your message, restate the main purpose of your message and repeat your name and phone number. This will allow the receiver to recall your name and message content easily without having to listen to the entire message from the beginning.

If you are using voicemail messages for sales purpose, it is always better to collect some background information about your leads. You can check their LinkedIn profiles to understand their professional background and likewise, you can go through their Twitter feeds to understand their persona. This will allow you to adopt suitable approaches to target specific groups and deliver messages in an appropriate way. You will know what will work for a woman CEO who is in her 50s and how you can approach a male IT manager who is in his early 30s. You can deploy peer-based selling to establish credibility instantly. If you have served a lead’s LinkedIn acquaintance, you may refer to this mutual connection in your voicemail message.

At the end of the day, everything boils down to the fact that preparation is the key to developing a winning voicemail message. When you make a call, you should know what you will be saying if your call is directed to voicemail.

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