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Survey and Market Research Call Centers

Outsourcing Surveys and Market Research Services is an increasingly effective and affordable method to gain insights into specific market segments and their impact on your business. Our expertise lies in analyzing the marketplace, pinpointing what your customers seek and their motivations.

Understanding market trends is crucial, and selecting the right call center to gather and simplify this data is key. We facilitate access to the latest market technology, allowing you to concentrate on your primary business objectives. PRI offers support in tracking market information, managing focus group calls, conducting product testing, and executing political polling. Experience our capabilities firsthand – request a complimentary written quote today.

5 Best Survey and Market Research Companies


Wisevoter excels in quantitative and qualitative research methodologies, offering a range of services like surveys, polling, behavior analysis, and demographic studies. Their unique blend of advanced technology and insightful interpretation empowers clients with a comprehensive understanding of their consumers. Based in Austin, Texas, they are a relatively small firm but provide expert insights in surveys, audience intelligence, and consumer insights, making them a valuable partner for businesses seeking in-depth market understanding​​.


Nielsen, a globally recognized market research firm, is renowned for its extensive industry coverage and delivering actionable insights. Their commitment to cutting-edge technology and rigorous methodologies enables them to provide accurate, data-driven solutions. Headquartered in New York and operating in over 100 countries, Nielsen’s large-scale operations offer expertise in market intelligence, consumer insights, advertising effectiveness, and media measurement, making them a top choice for comprehensive market analysis​​.


IQVIA specializes in healthcare and pharmaceutical research, leveraging advanced analytics, real-world data, and deep industry knowledge. Their expertise enables them to provide valuable insights and solutions, empowering clients in the healthcare sector to make informed decisions. With a substantial global presence and headquarters in Durham, North Carolina, IQVIA’s services are essential for organizations seeking in-depth analysis in healthcare market research and pharmaceutical studies​​.


Kantar is renowned for its comprehensive insights and strategic guidance, aiding businesses worldwide. With a rich heritage of data-driven solutions and a wide range of research services, they help clients understand market dynamics, consumer behavior, and trends. Kantar’s global presence and approximately 30,000 employees enable them to offer expertise in consumer insights, brand strategy, market analysis, and research in social media and advertising, making them a versatile choice for businesses seeking diverse market research services​​.

Gartner Research

Gartner Research is a highly reputable firm known for actionable insights and advisory services. With a global presence and a rich history, they offer extensive expertise in market research, strategic analysis, and technology insights. Their large-scale operations, headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, USA, and offices worldwide, position Gartner as a trusted advisor across various industries, ideal for businesses seeking strategic guidance and in-depth market research​​.

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List of Survey and Market Research Call Centers

Call Center Company Top Rated - ScoreLocationsInbound AgentsCompare Pricing
CallsboCallsbo5-Star Rating  140+Compare Answering Service Prices In Our Buyers Guide
Xact-TelesolutionsXACT Telesolutions5-Star Rating  1300+Compare Answering Service Prices In Our Buyers Guide
MAPMAP5-Star Rating  5+500+Compare Answering Service Prices In Our Buyers Guide
Voice-Nation ReviewVoice Nation5-Star Rating  4100+Compare Answering Service Prices In Our Buyers Guide
MoneyPennyMoneyPenny5-Star Rating  2500+Compare Answering Service Prices In Our Buyers Guide
Go-AnswerGo Answer5-Star Rating  3500+Compare Answering Service Prices In Our Buyers Guide
OnBrand24On Brand 245-Star Rating  3300+Compare Answering Service Prices In Our Buyers Guide
Contact-OneContact One5-Star Rating  440+Compare Answering Service Prices In Our Buyers Guide
imgresAnswerNet5-Star Rating  5+300+Compare Answering Service Prices In Our Buyers Guide
Answer-Connect ReviewAnswerConnect5-Star Rating  4300+Compare Answering Service Prices In Our Buyers Guide
CMC Call CenterCMS Call Center5-Star Rating  440+Compare Answering Service Prices In Our Buyers Guide
TelAssistantTelAssist5-Star Rating  140+Compare Answering Service Prices In Our Buyers Guide
Specialty Answering ServiceSpecialty Answering Service5-Star Rating  4300+Compare Answering Service Prices In Our Buyers Guide

Surveys and Market Research Include:

  • Focus Group Calling
  • Political polling and surveys
  • Testing Product Preparation
  • Follow-Ups
  • Consumer products & services
  • Strategic Advertising and marketing campaigns
  • Election campaigns
  • Trade Shows
  • Entertainment, Television
  • Lodging –Hotels- resorts
  • And just about anything in between

Let us help you get a full and complete offer that perfectly matches your requirements. Best Service, Best Prices, GUARANTEED.

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Surveys and Market Research April 5, 2014